About Us

MoveValet is the product of over 90 years of evolution in the moving industry. Our company is driven to raise the level of service to the concierge-like experience that you receive in the best companies in the hospitality industry, thus our brand and tag line, MoveValet, With you Every Step.
It is our goal to provide you with not only outstanding moving services, but to make your entire relocation experience as stress-free as possible. We understand that to do this, we need to begin working with you well-before the move has started and continue this support well after the move is finished. Our MoveValet team’s mission is to support you throughout the moving process and be there for you Every Step of the Way.

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Who We Are

MoveValet provides meaningful shipment updates, education and tips through its industry-leading, proprietary technology. Customers receive outstanding moving services as well as pre and post-move relocation support. MoveValet's mission is to alleviate the stress associated with moving by providing a truly holistic, comfortable experience for customers that starts well before the move and continues well after the physical move is complete.

What We Believe

Moving can be a stressful experience. That's why MoveValet’s foremost goal is to alleviate our customer’s anxiety. We do this by providing education, assistance and pre and post-move support. MoveValet ensures that every customer enjoys a positive moving experience, thanks to our attention to detail and personal commitment. In the company's more than 90 years of existence, we’ve prided ourselves on treating both our customers and coworkers with the utmost respect.

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Brand History

The Starck family has always been focused on innovation, service and community. Starck Family Furniture was founded in 1922 by European immigrant John Starck in Weirton, West Virginia. It was the first company in the area to offer home delivery of items purchased in the store—a concept unheard of at the time.

It didn’t take long for people in the community to notice Starck delivery trucks. During the time they began requesting assistance moving furniture when they relocated to another home in the Weirton area. Recognizing the opportunity to grow his business along with meeting a community need, John expanded his fleet of delivery trucks and started the first moving plus storage company in the area.

John's sons, Ed and Jim Starck, soon took over the growing business. As requests for an expanded service area increased and the concept of using a professional mover caught on, Ed and Jim saw another opportunity. In 1948, the Starcks organized 32 other moving companies from across the country and set up one of the first national moving companies: Atlas Van Lines. Today, Atlas remains one of the most recognizable and successful movers in the world.

Ed’s son Rob continued the Starck Van Lines' legacy of innovation in the late 1990s when he partnered with Bekins Vans to create a new service: national home delivery of large consumer goods. E-commerce was in its infancy and some said customers would never purchase mattresses, furniture or home electronics via the web. Yet Rob recognized the upcoming evolution of commerce. Despite books being sold directly to consumers online on a small scale, Rob was certain larger items were soon to follow. Like his grandfather, Rob helped fuel the advent of home delivery along with large consumer items. However Rob took it to a national scale.

The Starck family penchant for growth and innovation didn’t end with the next generation. Rob's son Steve created a new venture that addressed an enormous gap in the marketplace, MoveValet: high quality, technology-enabled, time-specific national moving services that are sensitive to the challenges consumers face during the transition.