Our Fixed Price Advantage

In our greater than 90 years of experience, we have determined that, following the proper handling of your belongings, budgeting is the most stressful part of moving. That’s why we’ve come up with a revolutionary system that guarantees you will know your entire moving cost well before the first box is even packed. We have developed an innovative inventory survey that will calculate the exact cost of your move. In addition, we will provide you with multiple service choices, including packing options and different moving budget solutions—all aimed to make this process customized to your needs.

What you’ll need to get a fixed price

Your current and future address…and any address in between
Basic information about access to all of your addresses
The dates you want to move (you can get multiple quotes)
The type of service you want
The items you'll be moving
If you'll be needing any storage
Whether you'll need any packing
Whether any of your items need specialized handling

Our Guaranteed Price

Using the information we collect from you, we will give you the EXACT price of your move. As long as the information you provided is accurate and we don’t encounter unanticipated issues, the price of your move WILL NOT CHANGE. It's our guarantee to you. And if you have any questions or concerns as you're completing the survey, your personal MoveValet will be ready and willing to assist you…we are with you Every Step of the Way.

MoveValet is an industry leader with over 90 years of moving experience.

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