Other Services

MoveValet offers many different variations on our packaged services. We’re happy to provide:


One of the most critical components of a successful move is how you pack your prized possessions. At MoveValet, we have multiple solutions that can assist you in this process: A complete packing of all your items, a packing of a specific or particularly challenging room such as the kitchen or packing only those items that are very fragile and valuable. If you have any questions about our packing service, please contact a MoveValet representative for assistance.


There are many reasons why you might need storage: your new home isn’t ready but you need to move out of current residence, your new home is smaller than your current home and you want to store some items for relatives or you’re renting a place in a new area to see if a move is going to be permanent. At MoveValet, we have solutions that will fit all your storage needs. We have secure storage facilities throughout the country to store items near your old or new address. If you need complete access to your items, we have relationships with local self-storage facilities as well. Forward any questions about storage to your personal MoveValet for assistance.

Box Delivery

If you are packing yourself, having the right materials is critical to ensuring a smooth, damage-free move. At MoveValet, we understand the need to get these materials fast and early in the process. Therefore, we have developed a national box and packing materials delivery service. You'll not only get an enormous variety of products, you get them conveniently delivered to your home—at discounted prices. If you are interested in viewing the variety of items we have available, please click here for more information.

Valet Services

At MoveValet, we live the mantra “With You Every Step.” We understand that a properly executed move starts well in advance of moving day and ends well after the last item is taken off the truck. As a result, we have developed our full suite of Valet Services, including your own personal MoveValet assigned to every move, a propriety Move Countdown to make sure you’ve completed all the necessary steps and assistance in identifying key vendors, such as plumbers, painters, cleaning services, carpet cleaners, etc. All of this is done to ensure your moving experience is as stress-free as possible. Don't see a service you need? Contact your personal MoveValet so we can customize a program that provides you with a stress-free, reliable move.